Classic Case 1:IEF conquered a highly difficult CASE,successfully got visa obtained!

On the first day of the New Zealand government’s official lockdown, our IEF team got this great news: The S61 case that has been highly questioned by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has been successfully approved!

A client obtained a chef’s certificate in New Zealand many years ago and worked in three restaurants for five years. The ex-agent that helped the client apply for the Work To Residence visa was questioned by the Immigration Department; afterwards, this agent advised INZ to reconsider this application under the Essential Skills Work Visa category though this agent was apparently not very prepared to do so, which resulted in the visa application declined.

When the client approached IEF for help, we had in-depth communication with the client many times, personally visited the employer to understand the situation, prepared detailed documentation materials, and formed a team of professional senior lawyers to prepare for the S61 application. With the direct guidance of Robson Liang, the case was comprehensively analysed for each issue raised by the Immigration. In the end, with the great cooperation of IEF’s immigration consultants, lawyers, and business team, the S61 application was finally approved by the Immigration, and client obtained a valid visa!

As a consulting organization with a history of more than 20 years, IEF has accumulated valuable experience and good reputation by successfully providing solutions for tens of thousands of difficult cases over the past years. As a responsible immigration consulting agency, our materials preparation and rigorous professional attitude have also been recognized and appreciated by Immigration New Zealand.

During this special period, we sincerely feel happy for our client. The whole family can now enjoy their time in Auckland and live their next life journey with a peace of mind, even though they was already ready to leave this country during that tough time! Every time we receive this kind of good news, we feel extremely proud! We are not only conquering difficult cases, but also settling peaceful life for countless families.

IEF team strives to provide you with great services, and wish you all happiness and health!