326 New North Road
Kingsland, 1021
Auckland, New Zealand

Our office in Kingsland is located on the ground floor of the former Bridgens Shoe Factory building- which has considerable historical significance locally and regionally through its association with the very active footwear industry that existed across New Zealand through the 20th century and the place has incredible social heritage value, as a successful and ethically minded employer, establishing its strong reputation during the early years of the Great Depression; adding even more character to our organisation’s culture.

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Our office building has
been a part of New Zealand’s
cultural heritage since the 20th century.

Our Mission

The mission of International Education Fund (IEF) is to help the younger generation grow to become skilled professionals or leaders in our society. By helping migrants with their studies and settlement into New Zealand allows them to find good jobs to support their families as well as become valuable citizens. We care about the social value of new migrants and want to help them create a positive wave in society. We are passionate, motivated and are dedicated in helping migrants fulfil their dreams in New Zealand.

After 20 years of consultancy and immigration expertise, we have assessed and discovered the potential to develop new and exciting programs that are beneficial to our students and new migrants. These programs will include schools, government, corporations, universities and successful individuals. This will provide an excellent pathway into New Zealand’s society, to allow access into important skills and education, as well as help migrants qualify as skilled professionals for a brighter future. We are revolutionizing the educational journey of young migrants so they can become our future leaders.

Our Core Value

Over the years, IEF has been focusing on nurturing the Future Citizen of New Zealand. Not only we have successfully handled tens of thousands of immigration and study cases in New Zealand, but also help them to merge into the mainstream societies and become important part of our communities. We have accumulated a wealth of experience and established close relationships with Immigration New Zealand, educational institutions and commercial organisations to facilitate the needs of our clients. Through our in depth research of the economic trend and business needs, we not only master the most updated New Zealand immigration and education policy, but also foresee the potential opportunities in our country, so we can provide top quality services to our high end customers, including but not limited to study planning, employment opportunities, immigration pathways, business advice, investment consulting, and settlement services.

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