With over 20 years’ experience serving international students and new immigrants, we fully understand your anxiety and difficulties when you first arrive to a new country. In line with our core-value of Caring for the Future Citizen, our Education Service Team’s “Caring For The Entire Family: One-stop Settlement Service” aims to help you avoid unnecessary troubles in a new country, and settle in your new home.

Arrival Service

Airport Pick-Up: A professional driver will pick you up at the airport and be responsible for safely delivering you to the designated destination

Telecom Service: Provide you with information on New Zealand’s high-quality communication service providers, assistance in connecting mobile communication services

Transportation Service: Get you in contact with the New Zealand Transport Authority to help you apply for an office card and enjoy New Zealand public transport services

Accomodation: According to your needs, we provide 3 different options for selection

Banking: Refer you to New Zealand bank service staff to help you open a bank account

IRD Application: Assist you to apply for registration of the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department (IRD) tax number, to facilitate future application for work and other matters

Medical Service: According to your needs, we help you arrange an appointment with a family doctor and provide 3 accompanying medical services

Driver’s License Conversion: Contact a professional translation agency approved by the New Zealand Traffic Authority to help you translate you domestic driver’s license into an officially recognised English document

Currency Exchange: Provide you with New Zealand currency exchange consulting information

Professional Services

Visa Application: According to your personal circumstances, we will develop a reasonable visa program for you

Social Practice: With our accumulated resources in New Zealand local social organisations, companies and educational institutions, we recommend social practice opportunities for you to help you better integrate into New Zealand society

Study Opportunity: According to the individual’s situation and preferences, we recommend suitable opportunities for personal skills improvement and learning local culture and knowledge

Investment Consultation: Provide effective and professional investment information and opportunities covering the entire of New Zealand

Property Purchase: Analyse property purchase policies and provide accurate, first-hand, and selected real estate information

Office Facilities: Provide technical support for office space and facilities for those who have started a company business (*note: please contact customer service for details)

Legal consultation: Provide preliminary legal-related consultation and guidance (*note: this service may need to hire a professional lawyer to intervene so separated quotation might apply based on specific cases)

Dependent’s Education Planning

School Enrolment: According to the children’s specific situation, tailor and appropriate application plan to achieve successful admission and enrolment

Education Planning: Considering the personality and hobbies of the children, as well as future employment and immigration plan, provide full-cycle courses and academic plans covering high-quality kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, and universities to help guardians achieve personalised caring for their children (*note: this service is not restricted by the one-year service contract, you can contact IEF to enjoy the service in the long-term)

If you are interested in our settlement service, please feel free to contact us.