Classic Case 2: Congratulations To Our Client On Their Investor 1 Resident Visa Officially Being Approved

Congratulations to Mr. Z, who has just received an approval in principal for Investor 1 Resident Visa. It was less than 4 weeks in total from receiving all the materials to obtaining approval in principal from INZ!

Mr Z, a Hong Kong resident who planned to emigrate to New Zealand, contacted Ruby Ho, (the Head of IEF Hong Kong Office, and a Licensed Immigration Adviser), through Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA), after getting advice from a number of immigration companies. After detailed understanding of the customers assets, sources of funds, family work and so on, Ruby gave the customer one comprehensive application plan, especially with accurate focus on legitimate source of funds and compliance interpretation. In the end, after comparing other immigration companies, Mr. Z authorised IEF for his application.

IEF organized a professional team of consultants who are proficient in domestic law and taxation, senior investment advisers, licensed immigration advisers, New Zealand certified public accountants, etc., to explore possible solutions and communicate with clients many times. Finally, the optimal scheme has been determined after rigorous evaluation and the hard work of the IEF professional consulting team was worth it when we received the great approval news from INZ within only three weeks!

If you and your friends or family look forward to processing and consulting Immigration to New Zealand through the 10 million NZD Investor 1 category in 2020, it is recommended that you arrange an appointment with our consultant as soon as possible. IEF will, as always, do a good job in handling your application with a professional and honest attitude!

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