Robson Liang
Founder | Licensed Immigration Advisor

With over 20 years in the immigration business, Robson has established himself as an industry leader that has paved the way for hundreds of aspiring families.

Born in China, Robson moved through Australia and New Zealand for education in the 1990s. As the father of three children, Robson saw that good education was vital and devoted himself to providing education consulting services for a new generation of immigrants.

International Education Fund Ltd (IEF) was established in 1997 with the goal of integrating families from around the world into New Zealand’s beautiful landscape and economy. Branches in Hong Kong and Macau were opened shortly afterwards, creating international channels for our clients to meet us.

As a professional and experienced licensed immigration consultant (license number 200800349) focused on investment immigration, Robson has assisted countless business and skilled immigrants to settle in New Zealand. With tens of thousands of international students successfully obtaining high-quality New Zealand education, Robson continues to strive for excellence to make their dreams come true.

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David McGregor
Chief Legal Advisor | Legal Counsel

As IEF’s chief legal advisor, David assists IEF in handling various cases. David is a barrister and has been engaged in legal business since 1970. He served as the legal counsel for the Auckland government, many companies and schools and participated in the writing of immigration law in New Zealand. He holds 50 years worth of valuable experience.

As a New Zealand licensed attorney, David is also the president of Worldwide Leisure and Brigadier Tours Ltd. Furthermore, he is a partner and president of Bell Gully Law Firm, the chairman of three leading law firms, and a serving judge.

David leads the IEF legal team and actively and effectively promotes and resolves important project cases.

Mandy Liang
Co-Founder | Chief Education Advisor

Mandy has over 20 years of experience as a senior education consultant and has successfully designed study programs for more than 5,000 students and families. With a focus on pastoral care and life guidance, she understands the passions and goals of parents and children and guides them into courses that best suit their interests. She provides a sense of security to foreign students and eases the potential worries of parents.

Mandy cooperates with New Zealand Universities, vocational colleges, primary and secondary schools, and private schools and connects them with IEF’s student service team to see that international students receive the best care and guidance from IEF’s team.

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Ruby Ho
Chief Immigration Advisor |Head of Hong Kong Office

Ruby is based in Hong Kong and graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University. Since joining IEF in 1997, she has now become the head of IEF’s Hong Kong Branch

Ruby edits and publishes 8 issues of “Encyclopaedia of Studying in New Zealand”, which contains important information which facilitates Chinese students in studying and living in New Zealand.

Ruby was the first Hong Kong citizen to obtain a New Zealand immigration license (license number 201000630). With extensive experience, she has successfully processed tens of thousands of immigration applications. Her deep understanding of New Zealand’s immigration policies and familiarity with Hong Kong and Chinese markets make her an invaluable member to the IEF team.

Stephen Bayldon
Senior Immigration Advisor

Stephen is a graduate of Auckland Grammar School and Auckland University, where he gained a conjoint Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws. After gaining experience as a solicitor, his passion for serving migrants and students led him to co-found Bridge International College (now a subsidiary of ICL Group). In 2015 he undertook specialised training in immigration law and advocacy, in order to become a licensed immigration adviser (license number 201503724). He initially gained experience through not-for-profit legal work with International Justice Advocates, before becoming a professional immigration specialist. His other passions include small-cap investing and outdoor activities with his young family.

Ella Wang
Senior Immigration Advisor

Ella immigrated to New Zealand in 2002 from Beijing and studied a double degree at the University of Auckland. Since joining IEF in 2012, she has successfully processed various visa applications amounting at almost a thousand family and spouse applications. With an outstanding grasp on New Zealand’s education system and immigration policy, Ella obtained an immigration consultant license in 2020 (license number 201800783). She provides immigration consulting services to clients under the guidance and supervision of Robson. She is especially skilled in temporary visas, skilled immigration and family re-unification.

Maggie Li
Senior Education Advisor

Maggie graduated from Auckland University of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Following graduation, she worked as a consultant for studying abroad and has been with IEF for over 8 years. Adhering to the attitudes of professionalism, meticulousness, quick responses and prioritising quality, Maggie provides high-quality consulting services to over 3,000 international students.

With excellent communication skills, in-depth and analysis of unique customer needs and a wide understanding of schools and education systems at all levels in New Zealand, Maggie tailors the best study abroad program for each individual client to help them achieve academic success.

James Wen
Chief Administrative Officer

James graduated from the Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangdong in the 1980s and later obtained an undergraduate degree in IT from Wollongong University in Australia. He has extensive business management experience as he moved to New Zealand in the early 1990s and started his own business

Since joining IEF in 2009, he has become an indispensable member. His ability to speak fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin as well as serving technical team support, business cooperation and maintaining the administrative logistics has led IEF to continue seamless business development and team expansion.

Lawrence Kung
Relationship Manager

Originally from Taiwan, Lawrence obtained his bachelor’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages from National Formosa University in 2009 and was later awarded a Master of Art in Translation Studies with first class honours by the University of Auckland. With an expertise in software localisation, business and legal translation, he is a full member of New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters. Lawrence is proficient in Mandarin, English, Japanese and Hokkien. His professional, friendly and attentive working attitude has won praise and trust from many clients.

Lawrence has gained 5 years’ experience in the immigration sector. Apart from SMC and general temporary class visas, he is especially familiar with business category and has been working with lawyers, advisers and chartered accountants for hundreds of business category applications as well as business plans, which has given him a sound understanding of various export businesses and the relevant regulations.

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