Classic Case 5: Clients with Excellent Conditions Encountered Unexpected Twists During the Application Process

Client M had excellent conditions and his immigration application seemed like it would easily pass, in the eyes of many people. Unexpectedly, he experienced several twists and turns and almost gave up, until he found IEF to help get the case processed successfully.

Client M initially submitted a skilled immigration application, but Immigration NZ quickly issued a “Potentially Prejudicial Information Letter” (PPI) due to the irresponsibility and incorrect guidance of the former service agent. In desperation, client M had to choose to rely on his spouse to resubmit the immigration application. Unexpectedly, Immigration NZ refused to believe the authenticity of the certification materials they submitted, and sent a number of visa officers to conduct telephone surveys and home visits. The result was still unsatisfactory. Later, M found a well-known local law firm and made tremendous efforts to explain the situation to the INZ, and still could not change the decision of the INZ. M tried to seek for help from many other well-known immigration agents, but no one dared to take such a difficult case. At that time, his inner loss and despair can only be imagined.

Finally M found IEF after the recommendation of a friend. After in-depth discussion with client M, we believe that the immigration office only saw the surface of the information, which resulted in their inaccurate views on the case. That could have been the cause of the refusal, we believe. We decided to prepare more convincing materials for it; but due to the difficulty of the case itself and the complexity of the personnel involved, our investigation process was extremely difficult and long.

Due to our due diligence, client M rekindled their inner hopes and gave us full trust. In the end, due to professionalism of our team and enough materials been well prepared, Immigration NZ began to pay attention to this case and agreed to reconsider. In the arguing/auditing process with INZ, IEF comprehensively explained each question raised by the visa officer in a timely and detailed manner, found out minor clues that were ignored during the previous audit, helped INZ to reorganize the case, and dispelled their initial misunderstanding of M. Shortly, client M finally received the long-awaited and hard-to-get immigration application approval letter.

It can be seen from this case that many cases that seem to be difficult for people and even professional immigration agencies can achieve satisfactory results through persistent efforts and careful and meticulous preparation. So, if you have any questions when applying, please contact us, our IEF team will do our best to help with your application!

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