As a professional consulting organisation, we have accumulated a wealth of experience over the past 20 years and have close cooperation with New Zealand government, financial institutions, enterprises and the investment community.

Keeping up with the future and analysing where New Zealand is going, the Business Consulting team focuses on helping businesses succeed in every way possible and help them reach their utmost potential. With changing legislation and business environment, we are equipped to deal with every requirement and need for your company to flourish in today’s competitive arena and help your organisation focus on growing and achieving its goals. Bringing a fresh perspective with traditional expertise, we work with you to address business problems, differentiate and evolve for future success.

With our umbrella approach to business consulting and investing, our consultants are equipped to help you grow through Talent Planning & Identification, Business Strategy, Business Process, People Development and Organisational Culture as well as financial advisory and guidance. Our business consultants will meet with you to build a working relationship, establish your business aspirations, identify key challenges/barriers and your desired end goals.

Through an in-depth study of the economic situation and business needs, we not only have the latest information on immigration and education policies, but also can foresee investment potential opportunities in New Zealand. We further use this knowledge and expertise to help investors flourish in New Zealand, exploring investment as a pathway to migration and being involved in projects that are growth oriented.

If you are interested in the business consulting service, please feel free to contact us!