Classic Case 4: S61 Case Analysis

Customer J, from Italy applied for a work visa by herself.  Unfortunately, the result of her application for a work permit was rejected two years ago.  As she no longer had a valid visa, she was blacklisted under Section 61 of INZ.

Client J found IEF through the introduction of a friend, and after our communication and understanding with her, we decided to submit an S61 concession request to INZ on her behalf.

In general, for blacklisted individuals under S61, the Immigration has the right to refuse the request without even considering it. However, IEF overcame all the difficulties, and prepared sufficient materials to prove to the immigration officer as to why the client stayed in New Zealand, and helped the client obtain the concession to be able to resubmit the work permit application.

This time, Client J successfully obtained a valid visa and has been able to stay in New Zealand legally, eliminating her concerns and sweeping away the haze of her visa refusal.

After this, IEF continued to serve Client J, and planned a migration path personalised for her according to her situation. Two years later, IEF successfully helped customer J get a PRV for New Zealand !

IEF used their strengths to prove that the history of refusal does not affect your immigration success if approached and dealt with correctly.

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