Consultation and Tailor-made Plan

  • Free preliminary assessment
  • Professional consultation
  • Collect and gather necessary documents for processing
  • Submit Expression of Interest
  • Submit resident visa application
  • Consultation for EOI and resident visa application process
  • Consultation on visas to Invest & Innovate
  • Family reunion visa consultation
  • Skilled Migrant category work visa consultation
  • Investor resident visa
  • Settlement service after visa is approved (including airport pickup, flight arrangements and visa renewal)
  • Partnership visa consultation
  • Monitor and track application process on behalf of clients
  • Provide training for Immigration interviews
  • S61 Application for overstay
  • PPI Appeal

Study in New Zealand

Our education service unit has the rich history of experience and involvement since New Zealand changed its focus to welcoming international students with open arms and started becoming a mainstream study and migration destination for the world. With our excellent communication, great reputation and constant support, we have built various partnerships all these years and we are well recognised by excellent institutions around New Zealand. Furthermore, our inputs have been helpful for these institutions’ policy making for international students and their contribution to the country.

Headed by Mandy Liang, the Education Service focuses on young international students moving to New Zealand for studying and experiencing the country’s school system and extra-curricular, and how we can make this journey comfortable and nurturing and provide them with pastoral care. Be it through our flagship VIP care program or our student visa service, you will see our passion and care for these young minds through our service, helping mould a better future citizen.

From helping your young ones settle into the Kiwi lifestyle with appropriate accommodation or help them find who they are and the career path they want to choose, our expert team of advisors has the experience and passion to help the students succeed and flourish.

Various Visa Applications

Our immigration service team features years of experience and relentless pursuit to help make people’s Kiwi dream come true. From student visas to Skilled Migrant visas, we have dealt with all kinds of cases under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Robson Liang who leads with example. His excellence in the field and drive to see immigrants succeed in New Zealand helps the team contribute towards the future in several ways.

Their services include-

  • Student Visas  
  • Working Visas
  • Tourist Visas
  • Residency Visas   
  • S61 Application  
  • Immigration Appeals

Migrant Applications

After decades of rich experience accumulated in the fields of studying abroad and immigration consulting, we have continuously explored the unlimited potential of the new generation of students and immigrants and helped them tailor the best service plan. These services include catering to governments, businesses, institutions, and high-end successful individuals. This will provide customers with a convenient and efficient way to better integrate into New Zealand society, enable them to obtain quality education and important work skills, and help them become outstanding professionals in various fields and have a better future. We are committed to revolutionizing the education process of the new generation of immigrants and supporting them as leaders of the future society. Together,  this team has helped tens of thousands of people to migrate to New Zealand in various capacities and helped their customers live the life they are after.

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