Classic Case 3: IEF’s Another S61 Case Has Been Successfully Solved

Whoever is familiar with New Zealand ’s immigration policies may know that cases of overdue detention have a low success rate in INZ. What is gratifying is that we have recently successfully helped an applicant with extremely difficult case of overstaying in NZ by over 10 years.

Mr. A studied in New Zealand with the help of IEF more than ten years ago. After graduation, he found a job and successfully obtained his PR through Skilled Migrant Category. Afterwards, Mr. A met his current wife, Ms. W, who was unable to renew her visa for some reason and was stranded in New Zealand to earn a living on casual jobs. In this case, Mr. A found IEF again. After our professional analysis and step-by-step guidance, the couple re-planned their future lives rationally and gradually collected supporting documents, so that INZ made an exception and issued a visa to his wife in a short period of time. This enabled this family to start a good new life in New Zealand.

We also understand that many families and individuals have doubts when applying, but no matter how complicated your case is, or if you have any questions, please contact us, we will do our best to strive for the perfect result for you.

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