Why choose New Zealand

Some have said that New Zealand is God’s own backyard, while others claim it’s the last untouched paradise on Earth. While these descriptions might be a bit exaggerated, they do capture the essence of what people think about this country – pure, friendly, and beautiful.

According to Mercer’s 2019 Mercer Quality of Living rankings, Auckland is ranked in the top three globally, making it one of the most livable cities in the world. Wellington, New Zealand’s capital, is also high on the list, coming in at 15th place. Comparatively, two Australian cities, Sydney and Melbourne, are ranked 11th and 17th, respectively, in the same survey. Wellington performs admirably in this regard.

For those concerned about welfare, New Zealand offers clear advantages. The OECD once surveyed 36 of the world’s most developed economies and recognized New Zealand for its comprehensive welfare systems in areas such as retirement, healthcare, hygiene, and education. This indicates that immigrants are entering a society that provides a high level of basic support and is generally accommodating.

The health and well-being of children are paramount to every parent. A nurturing family environment is essential for a child’s physical and emotional development. Additionally, the external environment, including natural surroundings, educational opportunities, and social conditions, all have a crucial impact on a child’s well-being. New Zealand is considered one of the ideal countries for raising children in this context.

New Zealand is blessed with natural beauty throughout the country. These scenic wonders are not just natural marvels; they are also a testament to New Zealanders’ respect for and long-term preservation of their environment.

New Zealanders are known for their warm hospitality and friendliness towards immigrants. Furthermore, New Zealanders have a deep love for travel, and nearly a quarter of the population was born outside of New Zealand. Over 90% of New Zealanders feel some connection to another country through family, friends, or interests. These factors ensure that immigrants are respected and understood here.


IEF Immigration Plan

Immigrating to New Zealand can be done through various different pathways, and IEF will customize a plan for clients based on their backgrounds. Here are the common immigration categories:



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