Congratulations on the approval of Ms. Y’s student visa application. Ms Y came to New Zealand seven years ago on a visitor visa to look after her son. At the start of this year, her son started university, and Ms. Y’s visitor visa was due to expire. However, due to the pandemic, Ms. Y was worried about her child being alone in New Zealand, so she successfully obtained a special tourist visa from the Immigration Board with the help of the IEF team. The pandemic had a large impact on everyone, and Ms. Y found the time to think about herself. As she has sacrificed her life in China to provide the best education for her son, she realised that she now had the time to have an education herself. With her son being able to look after himself, she discussed with her family about her learning English so they could travel around the world in the future. However, the Immigration Board raised serious questions after receiving Ms. Y’s student visa application , doubting Ms. Y’s real purpose of learning. IEF adheres to our principle of being accountable for the client to the end and will never give up. With the efforts of our senior licensed consultants and lawyers, she finally won the approval of her student visa application for Ms. Y, allowing her dream to come true! If you want to know more about our success stories, please contact IEF. IEF can help you achieve your dreams in New Zealand.  

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