A client’s resident visa was granted today. This long missing vibe is so needed at a time when there are no shortages of news like record number of corona virus infections and deaths, economic recessing, staff layoff, racism etc. This is even more exciting because the application is under Skilled Migrate Category. It gives out clear signal that this country’s door is still opening to those people with skills and talents. What is needed is a touch of careful strategy planning and professional presentation in their application.

International Education Fund Ltd. (IEF) was incorporated in New Zealand with the approval of New Zealand Registrar of Companies and certified by the Department of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of New Zealand and the Chinese General Consulate in Auckland. Established in 1997, IEF headquartered in the central business district of Auckland with offices in Hong Kong and Macau. We have a professional and experienced team of attorneys, certified public accountants and licensed immigration advisers to provide customers with exquisite and intimate service. Our vision is to build a platform to offer opportunities for migrants, International students and investors to settle well and immerse in New Zealand community.

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