Immigration New Zealand has recently changed the SMC policy from the old 180-point system to a simpler and entirely new 6-point system.

The new policy aims to provide a faster immigration pathway for individuals with high education and skills, as well as offering a clearer long-term plan for everyone working in New Zealand. The new skilled migration system will have no quota limitations, allowing anyone who meets the requirements to apply for immigration directly. Additionally, during the processing of skilled residence applications, if the applicant’s work visa expires, they will automatically receive an interim visa (Skilled Migrant Category Interim Visa) with a maximum validity of 2 years, ensuring that the applicant can continue to enter and exit New Zealand legally.

Advantages: The entire family can immigrate, and upon successful immigration, obtain a resident visa, enjoying the benefits of the locals (education, healthcare, various welfare subsidies). After the main applicant completes 2 years of residence requirement, the entire family can obtain permanent resident visa. After settling for more than 5 years and meeting certain conditions, one can apply for New Zealand citizenship.

Basic Requirements:

  • A skilled job offered by an accredited employer.
  • IELTS score of 6.5 or equivalent.
  • Good health and character.
  • Age below 55.

Achieve 6 points in the new point system, as shown in the point table below: