Accredited Employer Work Visa – Q&A

For Employers previously accredited

Q: If we have been accredited under the previous system, do we have to apply for accreditation if we would like to hire migrants?
A: Yes, you must apply for accreditation.

For Employers to be newly accredited

Q: If we would like to hire migrants on work visa types, such as post-study work or working holiday visas, or migrants who do work covered by the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme, do we have to get accredited?
A: No, you don’t have to get accredited.

Q: When can we apply for accreditation?
A: From 23 May 2022.

Q: If we would like to hire 1 migrant worker, which type of accreditation should we apply?
A: Go for Standard accreditation if you want up to 5 migrant workers on AEWVs at any one time.

Q: If we would like to hire 6 or migrant workers, which type of accreditation should we apply?
A: Go for High-volume accreditation if you want 6 or more migrant workers on AEWVs at any one time.

Q: Can we upgrade from standard to high-volume accreditation?
A: Yes, you can pay a fee NZD 480 to upgrade.

Q: We do not hold a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN), are we eligible?
A: No, you must hold a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN).

Q: If we are not registered as an employer with the Inland Revenue Department, are we eligible?
A: No, you must be a viable and genuinely operating business or organisation which is registered as an employer with the Inland Revenue Department.

Q: If we are the general partnership or sole trader and we are bankrupt or subject to a No Asset Procedure, are we eligible?
A: No, you must not be bankrupt or subject to a No Asset Procedure.

Q: if we are the limited partnership and the general partners are bankrupt or subject to a No Asset
Procedure, are we eligible?
A: No, your general partners must not be bankrupt or subject to a No Asset Procedure.

Q: If we do not provide information about the local community and services such as accommodation and transportation options and employee work-related matters such as specific job or industry hazards to the employees, are we eligible?
A: No, you must provide the information.

Q: If we are currently be included on a list of non-compliant employers for breaches of employment standards, are we eligible?
A: No, you must comply with specific employment, immigration and business standards and not currently be included on the list.

Q: If we are subject to a stand-down period, are we eligible?
A: No, you must not currently be subject to a stand-down period. If you have previously been subject to a stand-down period for an immigration offences or have previously been convicted for immigration offences and the penalty was a fine, the issue must have been rectified and the employer must have taken sufficient steps to prevent it from happening again.

Q: If we or our key people are banned from acting as a director or have a pattern of immigration offences in other businesses, are we eligible?
A: No, you or your key people must not be banned from acting as a director or have a pattern of immigration offences in other businesses you or your key people have been involved in.

Q: How long will it take for accreditation processing?
A: The estimated processing timeframe for standard and high-volume accreditation is 10 working days, where the employer has a standard business model, no history of non-compliance and all information necessary to make a decision has been provided with the application.

Q: How long we can be accredited?
A: When you are approved for the first time you will receive employer accreditation for 12 months. Except franchisees and employers placing migrants on AEWVs with controlling third parties, all other employers will get accreditation for 24 months when they renew, providing their previous accreditation has not lapsed for 12 months or more.

Q: How can we maintain accreditation?
A: You must still meet the accreditation requirements. INZ may do check include requesting information or doing a site visit. You must provide information requested, and provide access for site visits. If you do not, your accreditation will be revoked.

Q: What if we are under investigation or being prosecuted for breaching accreditation requirements?
A: Your accreditation can be suspended, and you won’t be able to support any job check applications.

Q: What if our accreditation expires or is revoked?
A: Any migrants already working for you can continue working for you, but you cannot hire any more migrants on AEWVs.

Q: What if we have submitted an application to renew our accreditation and it has not been processed by the time our existing accreditation expires?
A: You may be granted interim accreditation valid for 3 months or until the subsequent application has been decided, whichever occurs first.

Job Check

Q: Once we are accredited, what is the next step?
A: You can apply for a job check for each job you want to hire a migrant worker for from 20 June 2022.

Q: How many job quota can we apply?
A: If you hold standard accreditation a job quota of up to 5 will apply. Each quota space is used when a job check is approved.

Q: What if the migrant in the job has their visa expire or cancelled, or the migrant is granted a variation of conditions to work for another employer?
A: The job quota space will become available again.

Q: What are the basic requirements for job check?
A: All jobs must pay the market rate and have terms and conditions that comply with New Zealand employment laws and standards. Other job check requirements will depend on the job’s pay rate and occupation.

Q: Do we have to advertise the job to New Zealanders?
A: Except highly paid jobs (at least 200% of the median wage), all other jobs must be advertised.

Q: What is the median wage?
A: Every job must pay at least the median wage. The median wage will increase from NZD $27.00 an hour to NZD $27.76 an hour on 4 July 2022, when the Accredited Employer Work Visa opens for applications. The median wage increase will apply to job checks submitted from 20 June 2022, when applications for the job check open.

Q: What are the advertising requirements?
A: It should be for a minimum of 2 weeks, show significant terms and conditions including the minimum and maximum pay rate, the minimum guaranteed hours of work, the location of the job, the estimated actual earnings as well as minimum qualifications, work experience, skills or other specifications necessary to do the job.

Q: If we hire multiple positions for the same job, can it be included in one job check?
A: Yes, it can be included in one job check if the job details are the same and are all covered by the same advertising (where required) and proposed employment agreement.

Q: How long will it take for job check processing?
A: 10 working days.

Q: How long can Job check last?
A: An approved job check is valid for 6 months or until you no longer hold accreditation, whichever is earlier.

For Migrants who look for a work visa

Q: If I am currently living and working in New Zealand on my current visa, do I have to apply for an AEWV?
A: No, you can continue to work under the conditions of your current visa until it expires or you no longer meet the conditions of the visa.

Q: What if my current visa expires and I wish to remain in New Zealand?
A: You will have to find a job paying at or above the median wage and your employer is accredited and has an approved job check. Once they have done these things, they can send you an invitation to apply for the AEWV.

Q: Do I have to provide the employment agreement?
A: Yes, your accredited employer must provide you with a copy of the employment agreement and a copy of the signed employment offer and this agreement must comply with New Zealand labour laws and clearly show you the location, pay and working conditions for the job.

Q: What if I am currently paid below the median wage and my current visa expires?
A: Your job must be paying at or above the median wage to apply for an AEWV. As the Government is considering whether there will be any exemptions to the median wage rule and whether additional restrictions should apply for a limited number of roles, and those will be further announced. On the other hand, some migrant workers who are currently paid below the median wage may qualify for the 2021 Resident Visa if they meet the scarce or settled criteria.

Q: Can I apply for AEWV if I am self-employed?
A: AEWV holder cannot be self-employed.

Q: What are the other requirements for AEWV?
A: You will need to show health, character, and skills and experience. If you have shown skills and experience previously, or through holding occupational registration, you won’t need to provide evidence again.

Q: When can I apply for an AEWV?
A: It opens on 4 July 2022.

Q: How long will it take for AEWV processing?
A: 20 working days.

Q: Would there be a pathway to residence?
A: A pathway to residence will be introduced in the future for migrants who have held an AEWV for 2 years and are paid at least 200% of the median wage.




Q:     如果已经在旧制系统取得认证,我是否还是需要申请认证才能聘用移民雇员?

A:      需要,你必须要申请认证


Q:           如果员工已经持有像是Essential技能工签,我还需要取得认证资格吗?

A:            在需要帮移民雇员申请AEWV签证之前,雇主不需要做任何事情。

Q:        如果我想要雇佣持有其他工签类别的移民雇员,例如毕业生开放式工签 (Post-study Work Visa)、打工度假签证 (Working Holiday Visa)、或是季节性雇主 (RSE) 计划下的移民雇员,我需要取得认证资格吗?

A:        不,你不需要取得认证资格。

Q:        我何时可以申请资格认证?

A:        2022年5月23日起开放申请。

Q:        如果想要雇佣一位移民雇员,我应该申请何种资格认证?

A:        如果想要为5名以下移民雇员申请AEWV签证,你可以选择标准认证 (Standard Accreditation)。

Q:        如果我想要雇佣6名以上移民雇员,我应该申请何种资格认证?

A:        如果想要为6名以上移民雇员申请AEWV签证,你可以选择高额认证 (High-volume Accreditation)。

Q:        我能否将标准认证升级成高额认证?

A:        可以,你会需要支付480纽币的升级费用。

Q:        没有新西兰商业编号 (NZBN) 的话,我能符合资格吗?

A:        不能,你必须要有NZBN。

Q:        如果生意运营不满12个月,我能符合资格吗?

A:        你会需要提供一些证据,包括但不限于:投入公司的启动资金、现金流、或可信的收入预测等等证明。

Q:        如果没有跟IRD注册成为一名雇主,我能符合资格吗?

A:        不能,你必须要与IRD注册成为雇主,运营着可行、真实的企业或组织才符合资格。

Q:        如果是普通合伙企业或是个体经营者,并且处于破产或是受制于无资产程序 (No Asset Procedure),我能符合资格吗?

A:        不能,你不可以处于破产或是受制于无资产程序。

Q:        如果是有限合伙企业,并且普通合伙人破产或受制于无资产程序,我能符合资格吗?

A:        不能,你的普通合伙人不可以处于破产或是受制于无资产程序。

Q:        如果不向雇员提供当地社区、住宿、交通选择、雇员相关事项(例如特定工作、行业的危险因素)等等信息,我能符合资格吗?

A:        不能,你必须在雇员上工的一个月内,提供他们与工作相关的安居信息。

Q:        如果目前被筐列在违反雇佣标准的黑名单雇主上,我能符合资格吗?

A:        不能,你必须遵守特定的雇佣、移民以及商业标准,并且不能被筐列在黑名单上。

Q:        如果受制在暂停招工期 (stand-down period),我能符合资格吗?

A:        不能,你不可以处在暂停招工期。如果先前曾经因为触犯移民法而处在暂停招工期,或曾经因为触犯移民法而被判刑,但是刑罚仅是罚金、问题已经得到改正、并且雇主已经采取十足的措施来避免违规再次发生,你将符合资格。

Q:        如果我或中心成员遭到禁止担任公司董事,或在其他企业中存在移民违法行为,我们还能符合资格吗?

A:        不能,你或中心成员不可以被禁止担任公司董事,或在其他企业中存在移民违法行为。

Q:        申请资格认证需要多长的时间?

A:        若雇主有一个标准的生意模式,未曾有过不守法的黑历史,并且下签所需的所有信息都随着申请一并提供的话,标准认证与高额认证的审查时间预估是10个工作日。

Q:        资格认证的时效有多长?

A:        初次获批的时后,你的认证时效为12个月。除了加盟商以及将AEWV雇员安置在第三方的雇主之外,其他所有类别的雇主只要其认证没有过期超过12个月,再续签时都可以获得24个月的资格认证。

Q:        我要如何维持认证资格?

A:        你必须要满足认证要求。移民局可能会进行审查,包括要求提供信息,或实地访查。你必须提供所求的信息,并给予实地访查的权限。如果不遵从要求的话,你的认证将会被撤回。

Q:        如果我们因为违反认证要求而受到调查或被起诉怎么办?

A:        你的认证资格将会被暂停,并且你将无法支持任何工作审查申请 (Job Check)。

Q:        如果我们的认证资格过期或被撤回该怎么办?

A:        已经在职的移民雇员可以继续工作,但是你将无法再为任何移民雇员担保AEWV签证。

Q:        如果我提交了认证资格的更新申请,但是现有的认证到期时,申请还未得到处理,该怎么办?

A:       你有可能会拿到临时认证,该认证有效期为三个月或是在申请遭到拒签时失效。


Q:        取得资格认证后,下一步应该做什么?

A:       2022年6月20日起,你可以为需要雇佣移民雇员的职位申请工作审查 (Job Check)

Q:        可以申请多少工作配额?

A:        如果你持有标准认证,则可以申请5名配额。每个工作审查获得批准时,都会使用一个配额。

Q:        如果在岗位上的移民雇员其签证到期或遭到取消,又或者雇员获批VOC,会有什么变化?

A:        工作审查的配额将可以再次使用。

Q:        工作审查的基本要求有哪些?

A:        所有工作都必须支付市场行情薪资,并且遵守新西兰劳动法律与基准的条款与条件。其他要求则会取决于工作的薪资与职业。

Q:        是否需要面向新西兰人发布招聘广告?

A:        除了高薪工作外 (中位数薪资的200%),所有其他工作都必须发布招聘广告。

Q:        中位数薪资是?

A:         所有工作都必须支付至少中位数的薪资。2022年7月4日起,中位数薪资将会从时薪27纽币涨至27.76纽币,同时AEWV签证也会开放申请。中位数薪资的增加也会套用到2022年6月20日开放申请的工作审查上。

Q:        招聘广告有什么要求?

A:        广告必须持续至少两周,并且告知重要的条款与条件,其中包括最低和最高工资、最低保障时数、工作地点、预估的实际收入、还有像是最低学历要求、工作经验、技能、或者是工作所需的特定要求。

Q:        如果需要为同一份工作雇佣多个职位,我是否可以将其包含在一份工作审查中?

A:        可以,只要工作细节相同并且都包含在同一份广告(如果需要的话)和拟议的雇佣合同中,就可以包在同一份工作审查。

Q:        工作审查需要多长时间?

A:        10个工作日。

Q:        工作审查有效期多长?

A:        得到批准的工作审查,其有效期为6个月,或者是你不再持有认证时失效,以较早者为准。


Q:       如果我目前持有签证在新西兰居住和工作,我是否需要申请AEWV签证?

A:        不需要,直到签证到期或你不再符合签证条件前,你都可以按照目前的签证条件继续工作。

Q:        如果我目前签证到期,而我仍想留在新西兰,该怎么办?

A:        你必须要找到一份 ≥ 中位数工资的工作,并且雇主是具备资格认证,还有工作审查已经通过。具备这些条件的话,雇主就可以向你发送AEWV签证申请邀请。

Q:        我需要提供雇佣合同吗?

A:        需要,你的认证雇主必须要提供一份雇佣合同、工作邀请信给你,该合同必须遵守新西兰劳工法,并清楚显示你的工作地点、薪资以及工作条件。

Q:       如果我目前工资低于中位数,并且签证已经过期,该怎么办?

A:        你的工资必须 ≥ 中位数才能申请AEWV。目前政府正在考虑是否针对工资中位数规则给与豁免,以及是否应该针对某些少数职位施加额外限制,这些细则将会在后续公布。另一方面,目前工资低于中位数的一些移民雇员如果符合稀缺或安居标准,也是有可能可以申请2021 RV签证。

Q:        自雇能否申请AEWV签证?

A:        AEWV签证持有人不允许自雇。

Q:        AEWV有哪些其他要求?

A:        你会需要证明自己的健康、品格、技能与工作经验。如果你以前已经提交过,或是持有职业注册,就不需要再次提供。

Q:        我何时可以申请AEWV签证?

A:        2022年7月4日起开放申请。

Q:        AEWV签证审查需要多长时间?

A:        20个工作日。

Q:        是否有申请居民的途径?

A:        未来针对持有AEWV签证两年并且薪资在中位数200%以上的的移民雇员,会引进一种居民申请途径。




结果递上去后不到三个月便被拒签,理由是资金不符合要求。过了两个月又递了一次。这一次也好不到哪里去,移民官再三催了多次要不到需要的文件后, 又一次被拒签了。
在连续两次被拒签后, 客人终于通过专业人士找到了IEF。按照IEF的严谨作风当然是调取申请方面的档案。不看不知道,一看吓一跳。这个当时负责的移民顾问可以说对投资移民类是一无所知,所犯的错都是一些很低级的。难怪这名移民顾问的牌照后来给吊销了。
梁先生带领的IEF移民团队在了解了整个案子后,针对客人因为他的移民顾问而受到的不公待遇有的放矢,同时也抓住移民官对政策把握不到位,要求不明确等,据理力争。最后法官采纳我们的申辩,获得了重审的机会。说到这里,不得不说如果当时的移民顾问稍微对政策有多一些基本的了解,本来有一些完全可以利用的成功机会, 都给错过了,看着都觉得可惜。
不可否认现在移民顾问的水平良莠不齐,一定好选择有信誉度,有经验的移民顾问。如果没有选好的话失去的不但是金钱, 更重要的是机会。就像今天这个客人,递交的时候三个小孩都够资格跟着父母一起申请。但是,现在有两个已经超过了年龄的范围,不能再作为副申请人了一起申请了。
IEF有着近三十年的移民留学经验,为众多的各类移民申请成功提供了协助。如果您有移民留学方面的疑难, 请马上与IEF联系!

2021 居民签证

9月30日上午,新西兰移民局宣布:给移民和业界提供更多确定性的一次性居民签证过渡渠道(one-off residence pathway)。政府将通过“2021 居民签证”提供一次性的简化居留途径,估计有 165,000 名移民将有资格获得该资格。





技能签证(Essential Skills), 工签转居民签证(Work to Residence)

以及学后工作签证(Post Study Work Visa)等。完整列表如下。


  • 2018年9月29日到2021年9月29日三年内,在新西兰逗留超过821天, 或
  • 薪资超过中位数(27纽币每小时), 或
  • 从事职业名列长期技能短缺清单, 或
  • 持有职业注册信息并在卫生或教育行业从业, 或
  • 从事个人看护或担任其他关键卫生职位, 或
  • 从事初级产业某一特定职业



该签证也面向那些以关键工作者(Critical Purpose visitor)身份入境新西兰的人,及其家人。此类别签证主要针对从事必要工种的工作人员。

在2022年7月31日之前,通过关键工人边境豁免政策入境新西兰、且从事超过六个月工作的人也将有资格申请2021 Resident Visa。



2021 居民签证将于2021年12月1日到2022年7月31日分两个阶段开放申请。











IEF喜讯连连, 六月成功案例更新, 三个新Approval为大家带来信心

1) S女士及配偶技术移民永居签证获批准

主申请人的职位是汽车旅馆的经理。大家都知道由于疫情,边境不开,游客骤减,这些对旅馆的生意影响非常大。在这样的经济环境下, 除了要正常地证明其职位的技术含量符合移民要求,还要证明该旅馆的生意能够可持续地支持一名工资符合要求的申请人。

除了多次主动与我们的客人及其雇主沟通,了解,提供意见外, IEF还想办法把该旅馆的潜力,独特的、充满活力的经营理念以各种形式展现给移民官。让移民官有一个全面的良好的印象。



2) T先生长期短缺工签获批

这是个长期短缺类工签(Work To Resident – Long Term Skill Shortage)。有了这个签证,两年后就可以申请永久居留了。这类永居的最大特点是申请人不需要提供英文成绩。可惜这个类别的签证马上成为今年的“最后的一班车” – 今年十一月以后这类签证就要被取消了。也正因为这样, 移民局的态度是从严审理。

在这样的大环境下,T先生的申请四月中递交后,也受到移民局的挑战, 从公司到个人都受到质疑。在梁先生带领下的移民团队通过仔细分析和客户的沟通,拿出各种强有力的证据,并成功说服移民局, 在短短两个月就获批。



3) J女士及配偶技术移民永居签证获批准!




技术移民,有些申请会比较顺利,有些会比较坎坷。该申请是申请人第二次的申请。由于雇主的原因,之前的申请从开始的信心满满,到后来雇主在关键时刻退却时的绝望。当时的心情可想而知,但又难以形容;大有回国一走了之的冲动。通过IEF的开导分析, L先生收拾心情,恢复状态,从头再来。最后在L先生和IEF团队不懈的努力和坚持下,终于在四年后的今天守得云开,见到新西兰美丽的太阳。这才叫胜利,才叫成功。这时感觉也是难以形容的 – 一种幸福,一种甜蜜。。。


技术移民的成功,是一个整体工程:大到申请人本身的学历, 工作性质,能力,工资,雇主的经营情况,包括是否遵守本地的各项规章制度。小到具体工资的数额的入账,PAYE的校对,假期工资计算等的细心审核。只有每个环节的层层把关才能保证最大的成功率。在当前的商业环境下, 更加如此。该申请的成功,就是IEF团队能够洞悉各种状况的变化,利用多年掌握的经验做出巧妙的安排。


该申请是去年九月底递交的,今天获批,整个过程只有短短的4个月,中间还有圣诞新年假期,所以不能不说获批速度很快。在申请的准备过程中, 细心的IEF移民顾问发现申请人之前的个人签证申请申报的资料有误。针对这个发现的问题,IEF移民团队在前期做了完整的策划,并在后面做了准备的充分,让申请顺利获批;还是那句话,配偶移民可以简单,也可以非常复杂。这些都取决于前期仔细,专业的的策划,准备。