Accredited Employer Application

The accredited employer applications are reviewed and approved by Immigration New Zealand. Once accredited, the employer can employ multiple overseas employees at the same time without having to prove whether any New Zealander is qualified for the job. Immigration New Zealand is planning to reform the approval process for employer-sponsored work visas and encourage employers to acquire relevant accreditation well in advance.

Advantages of becoming an Accredited Employer

  • Provide employers with a new work permit method that can hire multiple employees at the same time without having to first conduct a labor market test to check whether any New Zealanders can do the job
  • Can significantly simplify the reviewing process for employer-sponsored work permits (such as exemption of advertisements, etc.) in INZ and reduce the application processing time
  • Can help employees get a work permit valid for up to 30 months (annual salary of employees must be at least $ 79,560)
  • Through sponsoring employees’ work and immigration, it can ensure that employees continue to work for the company (if the employee ’s annual salary reaches a certain amount, you can help the employee get the opportunity to apply for permanent residence directly; or if the employee continues to work for 24 months, they can also apply for residence)
  • Employees can sponsor wives and children
  • Enhance company image

Application Criteria (including but not limited to)

  • Sound financial position
  • Good HR practice 
  • Good workplace practice
  • Commitment to train and employ New Zealanders
  • Comply with employment and immigration law
  • Note: Interview and/or site visits may be conducted during the assessment


  • Maximum validity period is 2 years
  • Renewals are valid for 2 years or 5 years (max.)
  • Processing time is 8-12 week

IEF’s Successful Case Analysis

Construction industry: For companies in the construction industry, including housing construction companies, interior and exterior decoration companies, to complete Employer Accreditation, it only takes 3 weeks to help them successfully obtain approval, so that they can recruit overseas workers for a long time and support business development.

IEF’s Service

  • Providing immigration advice
  • Prepare and file the application
  • Review company documents, including HR policies, financial statements
  • Ensure all criteria are met and all documentation provided are well presented
  • Communicate with Immigration New Zealand for all related matters
  • Assist future employee’s work visa applications under Accredited employer instruction