Visit New Zealand!

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in Oceania, 30% of the country’s land is protected area. It has 3 world heritage sites, 14 national parks, 3 marine parks, hundreds of nature reserves and ecological zones. New Zealand is located in the South West of the Pacific Ocean, it consists of two islands, the South Island and the North Island, separated by the Cook Strait. The South Island is adjacent to Antarctica and the North Island is opposite to Fiji and Tonga. The capital, Wellington and the largest city, Auckland, are located on the North Island.

Cape Reinga at Sunset.

Summer is between the months of December and February, whilst winter is between the months of June and August. The average temperature in summer is about 20 °C , and the average temperature in winter is about 10°C. The best time to visit will be in the summer months but if you’re a skiing fanatic, you would not want to miss out the snow in the south between July to August.

New Zealand’s beautiful scenery has attracted many to experience the magnificence of pure nature. Even the shooting of the movie Lord of the Rings was set in New Zealand. The Hobbtion Movie Set has attracted many visitors and is a popular tourist attraction in the southern hemisphere. Bringing in tour groups and individual travellers from around the world.

We mainly provide tourist visa assessments, visa processing services and submission of . If necessary, we also help visitors arrange accommodation and custom made itinerary suit their individual interests. We can apply for a tourist visa on behalf of clients and assist in the development and arrangement of free travel.

Other Visitor Visa Category

You may apply for a specific visitor visa depending on the purpose of your visit.

  1. If you have friends and family that live in New Zealand:
    • You should apply for a normal Visitor Visa.
  2. If you have children (17 years old or under) studying in New Zealand:
    • Either one of the parents may apply for a Parent and Guardian Visitor Visa. The expiry date of that visa will match your child’s student expiry date. If your children is above 18 or above, you should apply for a normal Visitor Visa to visit your child.
  3. If your child has become a resident in New Zealand:
    • You may apply for Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa which will grant you up to 6 months stay, with a maximum total stay of 18 months in 3 years.

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