Client J submitted her work visa application by herself; and on rejection became “blacklisted” under S61. Would she still be able to successfully immigrate when she was at risk of being repatriated at any time?

Customer J, from Italy applied for a work visa by herself.  Unfortunately, the result of her application for a work permit was rejected two years ago.  As she no longer had a valid visa, she was blacklisted under Section 61 of INZ.

Client J found IEF through the introduction of a friend, and after our communication and understanding with her, we decided to submit an S61 concession request to INZ on her behalf.

In general, for blacklisted individuals under S61, the Immigration has the right to refuse the request without even considering it. However, IEF overcame all the difficulties, and prepared sufficient materials to prove to the immigration officer as to why the client stayed in New Zealand, and helped the client obtain the concession to be able to resubmit the work permit application.

This time, Client J successfully obtained a valid visa and has been able to stay in New Zealand legally, eliminating her concerns and sweeping away the haze of her visa refusal.

After this, IEF continued to serve Client J, and planned a migration path personalised for her according to her situation. Two years later, IEF successfully helped customer J get a PRV for New Zealand !

IEF used their strengths to prove that the history of refusal does not affect your immigration success if approached and dealt with correctly.

S61 Case Analysis

Whoever is familiar with New Zealand ’s immigration policies may know that cases of overdue detention have a low success rate in INZ. What is gratifying is that we have recently successfully helped an applicant with extremely difficult case of overstaying in NZ by over 10 years.

Mr. A studied in New Zealand with the help of IEF more than ten years ago. After graduation, he found a job and successfully obtained his PR through Skilled Migrant Category. Afterwards, Mr. A met his current wife, Ms. W, who was unable to renew her visa for some reason and was stranded in New Zealand to earn a living on casual jobs. In this case, Mr. A found IEF again. After our professional analysis and step-by-step guidance, the couple re-planned their future lives rationally and gradually collected supporting documents, so that INZ made an exception and issued a visa to his wife in a short period of time. This enabled this family to start a good new life in New Zealand.

We also understand that many families and individuals have doubts when applying, but no matter how complicated your case is, or if you have any questions, please contact us, we will do our best to strive for the perfect result for you.

IEF’s Another S61 Case Has Been Successfully Solved

Client M had excellent conditions and his immigration application seemed like it would easily pass, in the eyes of many people. Unexpectedly, he experienced several twists and turns and almost gave up, until he found IEF to help get the case processed successfully.

Client M initially submitted a skilled immigration application, but Immigration NZ quickly issued a “Potentially Prejudicial Information Letter” (PPI) due to the irresponsibility and incorrect guidance of the former service agent. In desperation, client M had to choose to rely on his spouse to resubmit the immigration application. Unexpectedly, Immigration NZ refused to believe the authenticity of the certification materials they submitted, and sent a number of visa officers to conduct telephone surveys and home visits. The result was still unsatisfactory. Later, M found a well-known local law firm and made tremendous efforts to explain the situation to the INZ, and still could not change the decision of the INZ. M tried to seek for help from many other well-known immigration agents, but no one dared to take such a difficult case. At that time, his inner loss and despair can only be imagined.

Finally M found IEF after the recommendation of a friend. After in-depth discussion with client M, we believe that the immigration office only saw the surface of the information, which resulted in their inaccurate views on the case. That could have been the cause of the refusal, we believe. We decided to prepare more convincing materials for it; but due to the difficulty of the case itself and the complexity of the personnel involved, our investigation process was extremely difficult and long.

Due to our due diligence, client M rekindled their inner hopes and gave us full trust. In the end, due to professionalism of our team and enough materials been well prepared, Immigration NZ began to pay attention to this case and agreed to reconsider. In the arguing/auditing process with INZ, IEF comprehensively explained each question raised by the visa officer in a timely and detailed manner, found out minor clues that were ignored during the previous audit, helped INZ to reorganize the case, and dispelled their initial misunderstanding of M. Shortly, client M finally received the long-awaited and hard-to-get immigration application approval letter.

It can be seen from this case that many cases that seem to be difficult for people and even professional immigration agencies can achieve satisfactory results through persistent efforts and careful and meticulous preparation. So, if you have any questions when applying, please contact us, our IEF team will do our best to help with your application!

Successful Case Sharing | Clients with Excellent Conditions Encountered Unexpected Twists During the Application Process

Congratulations to Mr. Z, who has just received an approval in principal for Investor 1 Resident Visa. It was less than 4 weeks in total from receiving all the materials to obtaining approval in principal from INZ!

Mr Z, a Hong Kong resident who planned to emigrate to New Zealand, contacted Ruby Ho, (the Head of IEF Hong Kong Office, and a Licensed Immigration Adviser), through Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA), after getting advice from a number of immigration companies. After detailed understanding of the customers assets, sources of funds, family work and so on, Ruby gave the customer one comprehensive application plan, especially with accurate focus on legitimate source of funds and compliance interpretation. In the end, after comparing other immigration companies, Mr. Z authorised IEF for his application.

IEF organized a professional team of consultants who are proficient in domestic law and taxation, senior investment advisers, licensed immigration advisers, New Zealand certified public accountants, etc., to explore possible solutions and communicate with clients many times. Finally, the optimal scheme has been determined after rigorous evaluation and the hard work of the IEF professional consulting team was worth it when we received the great approval news from INZ within only three weeks!

If you and your friends or family look forward to processing and consulting Immigration to New Zealand through the 10 million NZD Investor 1 category in 2020, it is recommended that you arrange an appointment with our consultant as soon as possible. IEF will, as always, do a good job in handling your application with a professional and honest attitude!

Successful Case Share | Investor 1 Resident Visa

On the first day of the New Zealand government’s official lockdown, our IEF team got this great news: The S61 case that has been highly questioned by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has been successfully approved!

A client obtained a chef’s certificate in New Zealand many years ago and worked in three restaurants for five years. The ex-agent that helped the client apply for the Work To Residence visa was questioned by the Immigration Department; afterwards, this agent advised INZ to reconsider this application under the Essential Skills Work Visa category though this agent was apparently not very prepared to do so, which resulted in the visa application declined.

When the client approached IEF for help, we had in-depth communication with the client many times, personally visited the employer to understand the situation, prepared detailed documentation materials, and formed a team of professional senior lawyers to prepare for the S61 application. With the direct guidance of Robson Liang, the case was comprehensively analysed for each issue raised by the Immigration. In the end, with the great cooperation of IEF’s immigration consultants, lawyers, and business team, the S61 application was finally approved by the Immigration, and client obtained a valid visa!

As a consulting organization with a history of more than 20 years, IEF has accumulated valuable experience and good reputation by successfully providing solutions for tens of thousands of difficult cases over the past years. As a responsible immigration consulting agency, our materials preparation and rigorous professional attitude have also been recognized and appreciated by Immigration New Zealand.

During this special period, we sincerely feel happy for our client. The whole family can now enjoy their time in Auckland and live their next life journey with a peace of mind, even though they was already ready to leave this country during that tough time! Every time we receive this kind of good news, we feel extremely proud! We are not only conquering difficult cases, but also settling peaceful life for countless families.

IEF team strives to provide you with great services, and wish you all happiness and health!

Successful Case|IEF conquered a highly difficult CASE,successfully got visa obtained!