Robson Liang Founder of IEF | Justice of Peace for New Zealand | Licensed Immigration Adviser Member of New Zealand Association for Migrant and Investment (NZAMI) Member of Hong Kong New Zealand Business Association (HKNZBA) Member of Rotary Club of New Zealand & Sister Cities New Zealand China Business Adviser, Whangarei District Council | “Foreign Friends”, Zhuhai City in China

Robson was born in China and studied in Australia and New Zealand, graduated with the qualification of Postgraduate diploma in Business from Massey University. In 1993, Robson moved to New Zealand from Australia and he found his path in life in this beautiful country. As a proud father of three Kiwi children, Robson highly cares for young generation’s education. As increasingly more relatives and friends choose to integrate into beautiful New Zealand, Robson decided to make a contribution to the education industry in New Zealand and is committed to providing education consultation services for new generations of immigrants.

In 1998, Robson established the business in Hong Kong for Immigration and International student service, after 3 years of business operation, Robson established International Education Fund (IEF) Ltd. headquartered in New Zealand with branches in Hong Kong and Macau. As a professional and experienced immigration adviser specialising in investor migrants, Robson has assisted countless business and skilled migrants to settle in New Zealand, as well as promoted New Zealand brands internationally. Under his leadership, IEF not only works closely with nearly all schools in New Zealand as their promotion representative, but also assists international students to acquire high quality New Zealand qualifications. Meanwhile, Robson uses his expertise to promote New Zealand education overseas and facilitate international cultural exchange and investment projects collaborations. Prior to the establishment of IEF, Robson established Hong Kong First Telecom Ltd., which was awarded as the exclusive Hong Kong sponsor for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Bid Committee. As an experienced high-end business adviser and a successful entrepreneur, Robson possesses rich experience in the ethnic business sector and invests in a wide range of industry sectors including but not limited to education projects, gold mining, commercial property, ICT human resource management. Robson is also enthusiastic about charity, being a Stuart investor and a Philanthropist. Robson is also a Justice of Peace and actively involved in various social and educational activities in both China and New Zealand. He has facilitated the expansion of Kiwi businesses offshore and encouraged foreign investments in New Zealand. Robson was selected into《The stories of successful Chinese people overseas》(New Zealand Volume) published by New Zealand International Chinese Publisher which signals the high appraisal for Robson by the society.

David McGregor Chief Legal Adviser | Legal Counsel

David McGregor, is an independent legal counsel for IEF, assisting IEF in the processing of various cases. Mr. Mcgregor has been in business since 1970 and has served as a consultant for Auckland government, a number of corporate and school counsel. He has nearly 50 years of rich experience. In addition to New Zealand licensed lawyers, Mr. Mcgregor is also the president of worldwide leisure and Brigadier Tours Limited, the chairman of the Ellerslie Flower Association and a partner and president of Bell Gully law firm.

Nikita (Xiao) Hu Partner | Chief Executive Officer

Nikita had a rich work experience in varied fields: media, training & education and FMCG before she worked as a senior consultant and the head of division in a subordinate unit under Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC) in the recent years. Nikita initiated and led a few important research projects which collaborated with companies and organizations such as Bunge, Cargill, Wilmar, Intel, Tencent and Li Ka Shing Foundation, etc. She also initiated China’s Food Security & Food Safety Summit since 2013 which has become Chinese government’s most important international dialogue platform on this critical issue.

Nikita has been involved in some public interest events and activities. She plays a major role in a rural development foundation, and she used to deliver speeches in UNESCO conference on some education and learning subjects. Nikita graduated from Auckland University with a master degree in media studies. Being a NZ citizen who had been serving in professional sectors in China for the last decades, she’s now willing to devote herself to NZ, “I need to spend the next decade and longer time to work on how to improve new migrants social value and bring IEF to achieve more goals!” As she says.

Mandy Liang Co-founder | Chief Education Adviser

Mandy is an expert in education with over 20 years experiences in helping overseas students. Being a mother of three she understands the expectation, concerns and worries of a parent towards their children. She treats every student client as her own child. With her patient and excellent communication skills, she strives to provide international students a sense of security and the warmth in a place away from their own home. Mandy has a strong sense of responsibility, patience, gentle and have gained trust and love from many of parents and student clients.

As Chief Education Adviser with more than 20 years of experience in international education, Mandy has developed study plans for more than 5,000 families and students, and has been dedicated to helping international students of all ages to enter school and provide life guidance. As a mother of three children, she deeply understands the parents’ intentions and expectations of their children and treats each student like her own child. Proficient in listening and communicating with students, Mandy offers international students a sense of security, allowing students to live in foreign countries where they can feel at home, thus, she established solid credibility among students and parents. Due to the great reputation of the student service team led by Mandy, New Zealand universities, polytechnics, primary and secondary schools and private schools have established friendly cooperation with IEF. Caring for clients for many years, Mandy is glad to see that the first generation of international students she helped have started to make a difference in New Zealand, and their children have also been receiving continuous care and support from Mandy.

Ruby Ho 首席移民顾问 | 香港分部负责人

Ruby is from Hong Kong, China. After graduated from the Hong Kong Baptist University with a Bachelor In Business Administration (major in China Business Studies), she joined IEF since its establishment. She is responsible for all external liaison for IEF including immigration departments, education institutions, sub-agents and partners. Ruby is also the editor for all eight volumes of IEF publication “The Encyclopedia of International Students Living in New Zealand” which covered the most useful and important information for students and is of great help to them in studying and living in New Zealand. She was granted full license as New Zealand licensed immigration adviser in June 2010 (License Number: 201000630) and was the first licensed New Zealand immigration adviser in Hong Kong. She has served thousands of successful immigration cases, hence she understands the market in Hong Kong and China and have mastered the most updated New Zealand immigration and education policy.

James Wen Chief Administrative Officer

From Guangzhou, China, James was graduated from Zhongshan University and subsequently obtained his IT degree at University of Wollongong in Australia. Being an entrepreneur immigrating into New Zealand in the early 1990s, James has accumulated great experience in business and management. As a key member of the IEF team since 2009, James is dedicated to IEF’s technical support and business cooperation, and maintains administrative management required in business development and team expansion.

Ella Wang Senior Immigration Adviser

From Beijing, China, Ella migrated to New Zealand in 2002 with her family when she was still in high school. She successfully obtains conjoint degree in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce major in Marketing and Psychology from the University of Auckland. She also has a master degree in translation. Joined IEF for more than 7 years, she is a license provisional immigration adviser (License number: 201800783) under Robson’s direct supervising. She has extensive knowledge in New Zealand education system and immigration policy, particularly in partnership residence application and temporary visa applications.

Frank Bo Marketing and Consulting Adviser

Frank (Weitao) Bo graduated with a master’s degree (with merit) in marketing from the University of Auckland in September 2018. He completed his bachelor’s degree (with honours) in International Communications at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China. As an outstanding student, he was selected to attend a one-year exchange program at the University of Nottingham. Frank has worked as a Senior Public Relations Account Executive, serving clients including Jaguar Land Rover, Maserati and IMAX in Shanghai’s well-known PR agencies, iTrax and MotionOne. A strong academic background with excellent work experiences in the industry allows Frank to develop professional insights into marketing consultancy and PR communications planning and execution. Since joining IEF, Frank has proactively assisted the team. Aiming at providing ultimate high-end services to clients, Frank has been dedicated to exploiting new business models and enhancing corporate brand image with his professional marketing strategies.

Maggie Li Senior Education Adviser

Maggie is from Harbin, China, and graduated from Auckland University of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. She has been working as an Education Adviser since graduation, and has worked in the IEF for more than 8 years. Adhering to meticulous, quality first, and responsive professional attitude, Maggie provides high-quality consulting services to more than 3,000 international students. Maggie leverages her excellent communication skills, in-depth client needs analysis, and comprehensive understanding of New Zealand education system at all levels to tailor the best study abroad programs for each client, assisting them in achieving continuous academic success. Thus, Maggie has gained trust and support of many parents and students. In the future, Maggie will be devoted to research and practice on youth caring and other professional services during student’s entire study journey, providing professional solutions to more students and parents.

Mitika Chaturvedi Marketing and Project Assistant

Mitika is a recent graduate from the University of Waikato and has done a Bachelor of Entrepreneurship majoring in Strategic management and Marketing. Having received the International Excellence Scholarship from the University of Waikato and working as a Student Ambassador, she has worked closely with the Waikato Management School on creating a warm and welcoming experience for its students. As a Marketing and Project Assistant, she assists Nikita in achieving her vision for the company, working on new projects and ideas and marketing support to the organisation.

Simon Yang Legal Assistant

Simon is currently in his final year at the University of Auckland pursing a degree in Law and Commerce. He has worked with one of the top lawyers in Auckland and has provided professional assistance to numerous clients in the past. Not only is he interested in working on legal affairs, but also he shows great passion at exploring business opportunities. Simon has a strong work ethic and will strive to develop a caring, yet professional relationship between IEF and you.