Today, we discuss our latest successful case showcasing IEF’s internal teamwork, great relationships with NZ Universities and dedication to our clients!

Mr and Mrs A are very highly educated clients from Hong Kong. They had visited our Hong Kong Seminar for Migration to NZ. After showing interest to their friends for moving to NZ, their friends suggested a local HK agent who suggested them to apply for NZ Universities but did not do much planning to help them with their migration planning. Disappointed, they decided to let the agent apply for Universities on their behalf and meanwhile contacted IEF for migration planning.

IEF showed a lot of dedication by coming up with a comprehensive plan for them. Impressed by IEF’s service already, they asked the Uni to change the agent from the HK agent to IEF- due to that being against policy, the client had to write a letter explaining why it was important for them. Reviewing the letter and IEF’s track record and reputation , we were accepted as the client’s official agent. Since then, our education and immigration teams have been working closely to make our client’s migration dream come true.

At IEF, we believe in team work, dedication, hard work and building Long term relationships that our clients can leverage!

Please feel free to contact us if you need more information regarding Investment Category Residence Visa or if you need assistance with your application.

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