学生分别入读位于新西兰北岛西岸塔拉纳基区的六所中学,包括Francis Douglas Memorial College弗兰西斯道格拉斯纪念男子中学,Sacred Heart Girls College圣心女子中学,Spotswood College思伯茨伍德中学 (男女校),Inglewood High School英格尔伍德高中 (男女校),New Plymouth Girls’ High School新普利茅斯女子中学,以及Taranaki Diocesan School塔拉纳基教区女子中学。参与活动的学生分别插入接待学校的原有班级学习,与当地学生一同上课、学习及活动,真正融入新西兰的校园生活、交流文化及提升运用英语的能力。并为每位参与活动的同学配备一名Buddy学习生活向导(同班的当地学生)。并入住当地家庭,让学生有机会亲自体验异地生活,提升英语能力之余,扩阔视野,增加自信以及解决困难的能力。

About the Author IEF Limited

International Education Fund Ltd. (IEF) was incorporated in New Zealand with the approval of New Zealand Registrar of Companies and certified by the Department of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of New Zealand and the Chinese General Consulate in Auckland. Established in 1997, IEF headquartered in the central business district of Auckland with offices in Hong Kong and Macau. We have a professional and experienced team of attorneys, certified public accountants and licensed immigration advisers to provide customers with exquisite and intimate service. Our vision is to build a platform to offer opportunities for migrants, International students and investors to settle well and immerse in New Zealand community.


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