技术移民,有些申请会比较顺利,有些会比较坎坷。该申请是申请人第二次的申请。由于雇主的原因,之前的申请从开始的信心满满,到后来雇主在关键时刻退却时的绝望。当时的心情可想而知,但又难以形容;大有回国一走了之的冲动。通过IEF的开导分析, L先生收拾心情,恢复状态,从头再来。最后在L先生和IEF团队不懈的努力和坚持下,终于在四年后的今天守得云开,见到新西兰美丽的太阳。这才叫胜利,才叫成功。这时感觉也是难以形容的 – 一种幸福,一种甜蜜。。。


技术移民的成功,是一个整体工程:大到申请人本身的学历, 工作性质,能力,工资,雇主的经营情况,包括是否遵守本地的各项规章制度。小到具体工资的数额的入账,PAYE的校对,假期工资计算等的细心审核。只有每个环节的层层把关才能保证最大的成功率。在当前的商业环境下, 更加如此。该申请的成功,就是IEF团队能够洞悉各种状况的变化,利用多年掌握的经验做出巧妙的安排。


该申请是去年九月底递交的,今天获批,整个过程只有短短的4个月,中间还有圣诞新年假期,所以不能不说获批速度很快。在申请的准备过程中, 细心的IEF移民顾问发现申请人之前的个人签证申请申报的资料有误。针对这个发现的问题,IEF移民团队在前期做了完整的策划,并在后面做了准备的充分,让申请顺利获批;还是那句话,配偶移民可以简单,也可以非常复杂。这些都取决于前期仔细,专业的的策划,准备。

Approval for our client’s student visa!

Congratulations on the approval of Ms. Y’s student visa application. Ms Y came to New Zealand seven years ago on a visitor visa to look after her son. At the start of this year, her son started university, and Ms. Y’s visitor visa was due to expire. However, due to the pandemic, Ms. Y was worried about her child being alone in New Zealand, so she successfully obtained a special tourist visa from the Immigration Board with the help of the IEF team. The pandemic had a large impact on everyone, and Ms. Y found the time to think about herself. As she has sacrificed her life in China to provide the best education for her son, she realised that she now had the time to have an education herself. With her son being able to look after himself, she discussed with her family about her learning English so they could travel around the world in the future. However, the Immigration Board raised serious questions after receiving Ms. Y’s student visa application , doubting Ms. Y’s real purpose of learning. IEF adheres to our principle of being accountable for the client to the end and will never give up. With the efforts of our senior licensed consultants and lawyers, she finally won the approval of her student visa application for Ms. Y, allowing her dream to come true! If you want to know more about our success stories, please contact IEF. IEF can help you achieve your dreams in New Zealand.  

Resident Visa Approved

A client’s resident visa was granted today. This long missing vibe is so needed at a time when there are no shortages of news like record number of corona virus infections and deaths, economic recessing, staff layoff, racism etc. This is even more exciting because the application is under Skilled Migrate Category. It gives out clear signal that this country’s door is still opening to those people with skills and talents. What is needed is a touch of careful strategy planning and professional presentation in their application.


今天我们一个客户的永久居留签证批准了!这是一个久违了的好消息。在这个充满冠状病毒感染,死亡,经济衰退、公司裁员、种族歧视等负面消息的时候,这样的好消息实属可贵。更令人兴奋的是,该签证是属于”技术移民类别”。它发出了明确的信号,表明这个国家的大门仍然向那些有技能和才能的人敞开, 需要的是对申请仔细专业的策划。

Congratulations on your Approval for Investor 1 Resident Visa!

Congratulations to Mr. Z, who has just received approval in principle for Investor 1 Resident Visa. It took less than 4 weeks in total from receiving initial materials to obtaining approval from INZ!

Mr Z, a Hong Kong resident who planned to emigrate to New Zealand, contacted Ruby Ho, (the Head of IEF Hong Kong Office, and a Licensed Immigration Adviser), through Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA), after getting advice from a number of immigration companies. After a detailed understanding of the customer’s assets, sources of funds, family work, and so on, Ruby gave the customer one comprehensive application plan, especially with an accurate focus on the legitimate sources of funds and compliance interpretation. In the end, after comparing other immigration companies, Mr. Z authorised IEF for his application.

IEF organized a professional team of consultants who are proficient in domestic law and taxation, senior investment advisers, licensed immigration advisers, New Zealand certified public accountants, etc., to explore possible solutions and communicate with clients many times. Finally, the optimal scheme has been determined after rigorous evaluation and the hard work of the IEF professional consulting team was worth it when we received the great approval news from INZ within only three weeks!

If you and your friends or family look forward to processing and consulting Immigration to New Zealand through the 10 million NZD Investor 1 category in 2020, it is recommended that you arrange an appointment with our consultant as soon as possible. IEF will, as always, do a good job in handling your application with a professional and honest attitude!

Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance with your application.

Successful Case News|IEF’s Professionalism Deserves Client’s Trust!

Today, we discuss our latest successful case showcasing IEF’s internal teamwork, great relationships with NZ Universities and dedication to our clients!

Mr and Mrs A are very highly educated clients from Hong Kong. They had visited our Hong Kong Seminar for Migration to NZ. After showing interest to their friends for moving to NZ, their friends suggested a local HK agent who suggested them to apply for NZ Universities but did not do much planning to help them with their migration planning. Disappointed, they decided to let the agent apply for Universities on their behalf and meanwhile contacted IEF for migration planning.

IEF showed a lot of dedication by coming up with a comprehensive plan for them. Impressed by IEF’s service already, they asked the Uni to change the agent from the HK agent to IEF- due to that being against policy, the client had to write a letter explaining why it was important for them. Reviewing the letter and IEF’s track record and reputation , we were accepted as the client’s official agent. Since then, our education and immigration teams have been working closely to make our client’s migration dream come true.

At IEF, we believe in team work, dedication, hard work and building Long term relationships that our clients can leverage!

Please feel free to contact us if you need more information regarding Investment Category Residence Visa or if you need assistance with your application.