Future Citizen are the new generations of immigrants with Responsibility, Independence, Holistic, and Global Outlook, Community and Welfare as core values.

  • They are high skilled and strive to make a positive change to the society without sacrifice in their real dreams
  • Previously, overseas people who want to move to NZ often sacrifice their careers, their dreams, their lives and their identity as long as they can get a PR. They want the shortcut to immigration – the quickest way to settle in NZ. This causes many problems: for themselves they don’t really have a sense of achievement; more importantly, with immigration thresholds upgrading, it is more difficult for young immigrant generations (or who want to immigrant) to find a real suitable job and then settle a bright life
  • The new generations of immigrants will be our future taxpayers, voters and citizens and have immense power in what New Zealand will look like.

“Future Citizen” is a revolutionary education and career plan

  • a plan to cultivate Future Citizen as a global community where the network and programmes can program can equips them with relevant information, skills, experiences and knowledge to help them grow and achieve their dreams
  • a plan that everyone participates, contributes, and gains, including Government, educational institutions, corporates, employers, stdents/young graduates/professionals as Future Citizen themselves – this is “We” care for Future Citizen (“We” – all parties involved)
  • a plan that will ultimately build an Aotearoa society benefiting every social member – abright future for Future Citizen

How does we envision to do this?

  • Focusing on growth of youngsters through our carefully curated programmes (Young teens)
  • Nurturing and mentoring the tertiary students (University students)
  • Supporting the future of people who dare to dream and make a difference (Young professionals)

Ultimately, we are building a society benefiting every social member – a bright future for future citizens.