Current Situation of New Zealand Property Investment


New Zealand has a sound legal system for property trading and investment. In the past 50 years the average annual growth of property prices is 7% -10% with doublilng in every seven to eight years. More and more investors consider investing in New Zealand property, so property prices in New Zealand is increasing fiercely in recent years. For overseas investors, in addition to the increase of property value, rental return is very attractive as well. Given this situation, IEF is collaborating with high quality real estate developers to provide investors with first-hand sale listings and complete after-sale management services.

Ten Advantages of New Zealand Property Investment

1. Low transaction costs – no transaction taxes (such as stamp duty, contract tax, VAT, etc.)
2. Freehold
3. Sound rental market with leasing agency and management services and stable returns
4. No restriction for overseas buyers
5. Overseas buyers can enjoy up to 70% of bank loans and local buyers in New Zealand can enjoy 70-80% of bank loans
6. Buyers can choose repaying interests only but not the principal
7. Loans can be hedge accounts, flexible use of funds
8. High rental return, achieving the goal of earning a property by property investment and earning the study cost by property investment
9. Fair procedures, the transaction can be completed by the solicitors
10. Facilitate investor and entrepreneur immigration opportunity

Earning Study Cost by Property Investment

Study in New Zealand with zero cost = Property Investment in New Zealand

Study Cost

New Zealand education and environment have earned good reputation worldwide, in recent years, more and more parents choose to let their children study in New Zealand. The cost of studying abroad is substantial, in order to create the best future for their children, parents have to invest a lot of money for their children to study.

Students have to pay high tuition fees each year, the average annual tuition of high school programme is roughly RMB 90,000, undergraduate postgraduate programme is even higher at RMB 120,000-180,000. In addition, the average annual living cost is around RMB 70,000-80,000. For this reason, parents have to transfer a large amount of money each year to New Zealand. Exchange rate adjustments and a variety of additional overhead also bring a lot of burden to each parent.

Is there any way to offset or earn this great amount of study cost? IEF has a good solution – Property Investment in New Zealand!

Earning Study Cost by Property Investment

Student A came to New Zealand to study high school 7 years ago, his family bought a villa with two bedrooms and one living room in Auckland for him for leasing. After 7 years when he graduated, he sold the villa with rental income and capital gain which can cover his living cost (see below table):

Year Tuition (NZD) Living Cost (NZD) Rental Income (NZD) (deducing management cost) Purchasing Price / Selling Price (NZD)
Year 10 15,000 12,000 12,500 300,000
Year 11 15,000 12,000 12,500 —-
Year 12 16,000 12,000 12,500 —-
Year 13 16,000 12,000 12,500 —-
University Year 1 25,000 15,000 15,000 —-
University Year 2 25,000 15,000 15,000 —-
University Year 3 (Graduated) 26,000 15,000 17,500 600,000
Total 138,000 93,000 97,500 600,000
600,000 (Selling Price)-300,000 (Purchasing Price)+97,500 (Rental Income) -93,000 (Living Cost) -138,000 (Tuition) = 166,500 (Net Profit)

More and more parents consider investing property while their children studying in New Zealand, through reasonable investment, students can study with zero tuition and living cost! Please feel free to contact us at our China free telephone line 95040393233!