There is a wide variety of mineral resources in New Zealand including gold, silver, iron, titanium-iron, platinum, coal, sulfur, phosphates, petroleum and so on. Statistics show that New Zealand has proven mineral resources worth more than NZD 51 billion, but there is only NZD 1 billion mining annually in New Zealand, which accounting for only 1% of GDP. Thus, there is a big potential for development of mining in New Zealand. New Zealand’s gold mining history has over 160 years, the current annual production volume of gold in New Zealand is about 12 tons.

Gold Fever Returns to Northland

The complex geology of Northland in North Island of New Zealand contributes to its diverse mining history. Over the years many exploration activities carried out in Northland. New Zealand Government has decades of restriction of mineral exploration activities in Northland. Mr. Wayne Brown, Far North District Council Mayor, formulates laws and regulations in these 15 years which opens up new opportunities. Far North District Council launched airborne geophysical survey in Northland in 2009, confirming local deposits of gold/silver in Northland which will present a new opportunity:

  • At Hazelbrook area nearby Kaeo, along the coast of Huia, contains 6.9 grams per tonne of gold quartz veins
  • At Te Mata area, in silicified hydrothermal breccia near the blasting area soil sampling found arsenic anomaly 1.6 kilometers long and trace gold zone.

Tai Tokerau Minerals Co Ltd (TTM)

New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals (NZP&M) launched tender for Exploration Permit in Northland, after evaluation and assessment by the Government, three companies have been awarded the five-year Exploration Permit in July 2013, including TTM, has been granted two Exploration Permit over Hazelbrook and Te Mata area for gold and silver exclusive exploration rights:

Exploration Permit 55052 – HAZELBROOK﹕
Area: 3,430 hectares (34.3 km2)
Exploration Permit 55053 – TE MATA
Area: 4,390 hectares (43.9 km2)
    TTM is a mining company registered in New Zealand:

  • Mr. Wayne Brown, Far North District Council Mayor and Explore Northland Minerals spokesman, is a partner TTM
  • Chinese capital investment provides a stable source of funding
  • Good relationship established with Maori in order to safeguard the smooth project
  • Good cooperation established with government provides a welcome environment for investors, information flows provide a clear channel for all stakeholders

Investment Opportunities

Investment Amount: USD 10 million
Investment period: 3 years
Investment approach: Corporate equity investment
Potential mineral resources: 1.5M ounces of gold and 3.6M ounces of silver
Use of funds: Exploration, exploitation and expansion of the company’s business
Risk factor: Effective control at 30%

Opportunities are only available to domestic and overseas professional investors recommended by TTM Directors