IEF-PIHMS Beijing (Caofeidian) Campus Opening Ceremony

IEF-PIHMS Beijing (Caofeidian) Campus grand opening in Beijing Caofeidian International Education & Vocational City in November 2017. Robson Liang (Director of IEF, Justice of Peace), Bill McCallum (CEO, PIHMS), Zhou Ziqiang (IEF Representative of China) attended a series of existing education activities.



From left: Zhang Zhijing (Caofeidian campus manager), Bill McCallum (CEO, PIHMS), Robson Liang (Director, IEF, Justice of Peace), Zhou Ziqiang (IEF Representative of China), Ruoyu Gao (Project Coordinator, IEF)

IEF Pacific International Hotel Management School (PIHMS) Beijing Campus (Caofeidian) was organised by International Education Fund Limited (IEF) and set up by Joint venture with PIHMS. This campus is located in Beijing Caofeidian International Education & Vocational City, a partner of IEF, to provide English training and hospitality management education and training programs for domestic students in China. It targets young people who wans to become middle or senior managers in 5 Star Hotels around the world. These programs are flexible and offered at low cost. The teaching methodology and environment are at the same pace with international higher education. These programs also open other opportunities for students such as career development, overseas study, and migration to New Zealand.

The English training centre was started at the same time. The purpose of the English training centre is to help domestic students improve their English capability to fulfil the entry requirement of the academic programs and international working environment. The English training centre is using “Student-centre Learning” methodology with senior IELTS tutors in small classes to facilitate the study process. This combination will help the students to set up a good foundation for their future academic learning and career opportunity.




In the near future, IEF-PIHMS Beijing (Caofeidian) Campus will also provide Graduate and Postgraduate level program of hotel and hospitality management to domestic students. The Campus is designed to cater for more than 2,000 students. Our goal is to produce professional management professionals to work in the domestic and foreign tourism and hotel industries, and provide brilliant career development opportunities to our students.

K1 exterior 02


Exterior of teaching/training facility

H1 exterior 01

Exterior of accommodation building