IEF-PIHMS Beijing (Caofeidian) Campus culture and teaching exchange

In the past few weeks, IEF-PIHMS Beijing (Caofeidian) Campus has held a series of activities in time with the opening of the school.

On 22 November 2017, the tutors and staff of IEF-PIHMS Beijing (Caofeidian) Campus held a friendship party with Caofeidian College of Technology’s president and teachers. The presidents of the two organisations together with their teachers each introduced their hometown and performed in talent and friendship activities that were held between the two parties. The activities ended very happily with a dinner that was held.




On 23 November 2017, after the end of the normal teaching activities, the tutors, students and staff came to Caofeidian technical secondary school to have an interaction with secondary school students. The tutors introduced the situation and advantages of PIHMS to the students. They also talked about the origin and customs of Thanksgiving Day in the United States. The exchange activities were well received by the secondary school students who got to learn more about the campus.


Interaction with secondary school students

On 28 November 2017, some teachers from Caofeidian technical secondary school observed and studied the class of English training centre at IEF-PIHMS Beijing (Caofeidian) Campus. The teachers of the secondary school were highly praised the teaching skills of the tutors, and they acknowledged they have received great benefit for their future teaching activities. The director of the Teaching and Research Department of the secondary school expressed the hope that it would be possible to cooperate with IEF-PIHMS Beijing (Caofeidian) in the future to improve the teaching level and ability of secondary school teachers.



Teachers from Caofeidian technical secondary school observed our class

On 1 December 2017, IEF-PIHMS Beijing (Caofeidian) tutors and students came to Caofeidian College of Technology, to hold another interactive activity with some college students. The tutors introduced their own country and the advantage and objectives of the school. They also exchanged their opinion with the students in some topics. The atmosphere of the activity was very warm, and the teacher of the college hoped that more activities be held in the future.


Interaction with college students

The series of activities of opening ceremony of IEF-PIHMS Beijing (Caofeidian) Campus would not only benefit the foreign tutors towards adapting to the Chinese culture, but also deepen the relationship between IEF-PIHMS Beijing (Caofeidian) Campus and the local parties. IEF-PIHMS Beijing (Caofeidian) will hold more similar activities in the future, expand its influence and popularity as well as help increase the understanding of the higher educational industry between China and New Zealand.