Zhuhai No. 9 Middle School Study Tour Visiting Sister School in New Zealand

IEF aims at linking institutions, universities and the business community in different cities in China and New Zealand to organize educational and cultural exchange programs. The project aims to promote cultural exchanges between these two places, provide an opportunity for children from different ethnic backgrounds and different family income to further their studies overseas so as to reflect the principle of equal access to education.

October 2009, IEF invited the mayor of Zhuhai, Mr. Zhong Shijian (second from right) and Zhuhai delegation to visit North Shore City, New Zealand, and meet North Shore City Mayor Mr. Andrew Williams (left). In our efforts, the two cities establish close relations of friendship and cooperation from the government level. news208-a
In exchange visits between two cities, Zhuhai No. 9 Middle School and Westlake High School in North Shore City establish sister school relationship. On April 27, 2010, Zhuhai No. 9 Middle School and Westlake High School signed a memorandum of understanding, the official launch of the sister school relations, to jointly organize study tours and other exchange programs. news208-b

In strengthening the sister school relationship, IEF has been organizing the short-term study tour for teachers and students from Zhuhai to visit New Zealand for Language Studies and Cultural Experience since 2010.

Aims of Study Tour:

  • Provide better understanding of all aspects of New Zealand for teachers and students in China, including education system, lifestyle, customs, unique traditional Maori culture, etc., so as to cultivate their comprehensive worldview, improve their international skills, sense of independence, etc. This is beneficial for their future development.
  • Interact with kiwi students through living, studying and playing together.
  • Experience the difference between China and foreign country in all aspects of economic, social, education and culture, and to observe and feel everything from their own perspectives.
  • Learn authentic English through participating in various activities while making friends from around the world.